Infrastructure Developers help clients build and evolve systems that client organizations use to deliver and run software. They are comfortable working within teams of people with diverse roles and levels of experience to find solutions that meet the needs of the organization. They combine technical expertise and understanding with consideration of different situational needs. They champion technical quality and effective ways of working as a means to better outcomes for clients, rather than an end in themselves. They help clients to understand agile ways of working and DevOps as a mindset for collaboration.
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  • Contribute to the design and implementation of enterprise and/or web-scale hosting platforms, demonstrating proficiency in AWS, Terraform, and Kubernetes
  • Exhibit a deep understanding in creating and managing AWS EKS clusters through Terraform automation and configuring components like Kube Proxy, Coredns, Ingress Controller, Cluster Autoscaler and Istio Service Mesh
  • Administer application servers, web servers, and databases, ensuring seamless integration with Confluent Kafka for efficient data streaming
  • Demonstrate a good understanding and hands on experience on how Confluent Kafka and related components, like Control Center, Schema Registry, Zookeeper, works
  • Exhibit a deep understanding of cloud and virtualization platforms, with a focus on AWS, and expertise in infrastructure automation and application hosting technologies
  • Work collaboratively with software delivery teams, applying DevOps philosophies and Agile methods, while leveraging Infrastructure as Code principles to enhance operational efficiency
  • Demonstrate a proven history of working with at least one IaaS cloud platform, coupled with hands-on experience with two or more application runtime platforms, including physical servers, virtual servers, container clusters, serverless architectures, and databases
  • Write scripts proficiently using at least one scripting language, while comfortably building and maintaining Linux servers, Windows servers, or container clusters
  • Implement and manage Jenkins pipelines using pipeline as code for continuous integration and continuous delivery, showcasing versatility with different technology stacks
  • Implement and manage ArgoCD projects, application, application sets through automation for containerised workloads deployments
  • Utilize expertise in Confluent Kafka for data streaming within the infrastructure, enhancing overall system efficiency
  • Work with monitoring systems to ensure availability, performance, and security, and apply skills in stress and performance testing
  • Possess an understanding of security concerns, threats, and approaches, including infrastructure platform vulnerabilities, secrets management, network security, and software supply chain security
  • Bonus points for experience with unit testing and automated testing tools, further contributing to a robust and resilient infrastructure


  • You will work within teams to launch projects through hands-on implementation, evaluate existing infrastructure and drive improvements
  • You will explore the client’s needs and collaborate on building a technical roadmap and impactful solution that will support their ambitious business goals
  • You will ensure and build the controls and processes for continuous delivery and evolution of infrastructure and applications, driving automation through all stages of the process
  • You will take a proactive role in monitoring and ensuring that technical expectations of deliverables are consistently met on projects
  • You will provide expertise and guidance in the areas of DevOps, cloud, platform and infrastructure engineering, both internally and in client sites
  • You will establish trusting and thoughtful partnerships with a client’s engineering leadership
  • You will adjust and suggest innovative solutions to current constraints and business

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