Our expertise extends across a multitude of industries, each with its unique challenges and opportunities. We understand the intricacies of these sectors and provide specialized services tailored to their specific needs:

Financial Services, Banking, Insurance

Offering elite professionals for the ever-evolving financial landscape.


Driving innovation with skilled professionals in the automotive industry.


Providing top talent for the dynamic world of telecommunications.


Streamlining manufacturing processes with specialized staffing solutions.


Enhancing educational experiences with technology experts.


Supporting the health sector with tech professionals who prioritize care and innovation.


Keeping the transport industry on the move with skilled staffing.


Fuelling startup growth with agile and adaptable tech talent.


Providing the backbone for hardware advancements with expert staffing.


Crafting software solutions with top-tier developers.


Bringing gaming visions to life with creative and technical talent.

Media and Publishing

Transforming media and publishing with cutting-edge technology skills.

Why Work With Us

We are defined by our agility and readiness to align with specific project needs, ensuring our clients always receive unparalleled quality and resources. Our expertise lies in the art of matching exceptional talent with the right opportunities and harnessing the power of technology. We're more than just a staffing company, we are a hub of innovation and skill, connecting the best with the best.
We offer a range of services including IT Consulting, Staff Augmentation, and Build Operate Transfer models, backed by our highly skilled engineers. Our continuous investment in training ensures we remain at the forefront of technology, providing our clients with the most qualified professionals in a timely manner.
Our experience spans over a decade, with a focus on long-term, stable partnerships. Our agile approach, combined with an extensive database and specialized IT recruiters, forms the foundation of our success. As a mature company, we offer high-quality software development services across various industries, ensuring a flawless development process and a flexible approach to meet your specific needs.
Our recruiters' deep understanding of your industry's needs, coupled with our comprehensive database of tech candidates, positions us uniquely to meet your staffing requirements. We align with your project specifics to ensure quality and the best resources, believing in strong, stable, long-term partnerships. Our position as a leader in Romanian software development amplifies our ability to enhance your competitive edge.