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What to Expect from Next Generation Applications

What to Expect from Next Generation Applications

IT leaders know that meeting consumers’ expectations should always be a priority when creating and launching products; but besides this, they are also well aware of the fact that part of achieving the aforementioned goal, involves staying up to date with the latest digital trends. And when it comes to application development, keeping up with the changing technology trends is mandatory, if businesses wish to stand out from their competitors and secure their position. Having said this, it should come as no surprise that the next generation applications will be focusing on identifying and satisfying the needs and wants of consumers, whilst, at the same time, making use of new technologies and innovative tools.

Having to please more than 7 billion application users worldwide, app development had to step its game up and incorporate advanced technologies; and so it did, much to consumers’ delight. Next generation applications are turning to technologies such as artificial intelligence, internet of things, or the cloud, so that they can offer users an enhanced digital experience; but let’s take them one at a time.  

By teaming up with machine learning and predictive analytics, artificial intelligence has managed to bring important changes to the app development scene. From a more personalized experience, to increased security which creates a safer environment for users, all the benefits that AI provides point out that the technology will surely be making its mark on the next generation apps as well. With the help of artificial intelligence, businesses will be able to understand their clients’ behaviour, likes and dislikes, and on top of this, they will capable of predicting customers’ actions. It is for these reasons that specialists say AI will be present among next generation applications, revolutionizing the field more and more as it evolves.

Moving on to another technology that has already started to make its way into the app development sphere, and that promises to bring even more innovations – Internet of things. This technology opens up new possibilities for the next generation applications, by introducing IoT sensors into the game. Any smart devices that are equipped with internet of things sensors, whether it’s wearables or home appliances for instance, can be easily accessed and connected through applications downloaded right to one’s smartphone. This means that the information that is collected and analysed with the help of IoT sensors, can be viewed and managed through apps, making users’ lives easier. How? Well, let’s take apps that are connected to home appliances and devices in one’s home; with just a few clicks, or a few taps on smartphones, one can control thermostats, electric devices or turn off or on lights. Then there are personal finance apps, that enable users to successfully manage their budget, while keeping an eye on expenses, and receiving helpful ideas on how to sketch out a financial plan.  

Next generation applications, as we have already mentioned, need to keep up with the trends, and since cloud technologies have taken most industries by storm, the app development world needed to embrace them as well. By using these technologies, companies no longer have to deal with storage-related issues, and, what’s more, will see an increase in productivity, will reduce expenses, and will be able to streamline processes. The increase in data volumes, that comes as a result of IoT being introduced into the app development filed, will no longer cause troubles thanks to the cloud, the latter also allowing next generation apps to merge and process information from various different sources. These so called “data intensive” apps enable users to act upon data in real time, and offer consumers an overall improved digital experience.

But artificial intelligence, the cloud, and the internet of things are just a few technologies that next generation applications are expected to incorporate; other trends will also be entering the app development world. From augmented reality and virtual reality, to 5G, speech recognition, or video detection, next generation apps will embrace every advantage that new technologies and tools have to offer, and will surely elevate the quality of users’ lives.   


In the last few years, the application development scene has seen many transformations, mainly due to the rapid pace of technological progress that has described the last decade. And when it comes to the next generation applications, the future seems to bring just as many changes, if not more; the cloud, artificial intelligence, and the internet of things, are expected to enhance user experience, while offering consumers a more secure digital setting.

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