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TechTalent, a new technology partner for Banca Transilvania

TechTalent, a new technology partner for Banca Transilvania

TechTalent Software and Banca Transilvania announce the launch of a partnership, that will incorporate TechTalent’s services into BT's major banking projects and applications.

The seniority level, the advanced technical knowledge, along with the vast experience of TechTalent’s IT consultants in global financial projects, recommend the company to support the development of BT’s banking services.

„We are glad to collaborate with Banca Transilvania. We have great confidence in the establishment of a long-term partnership, which we are ready to expand, by including new technology components from the Arnia group. The services that BT offers and their vision regarding the constant development in the technological area, confirm the maturity level of Banca Transilvania once again”, said Iuliana Badescu, CEO TechTalent Software.

„The investments that we make in technology also include partnerships. At BT, we have an ecosystem of partners who bring specific capabilities and know-how to the table. We are delighted to have a new collaborator, chosen after a careful analysis and a rigorous validation process”, added Leontin Toderici, Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Banca Transilvania. 

TechTalent is an IT consulting company based in Bucharest, Romania, serving global companies and linking them to Romanian IT professionals. TechTalent is part of Arnia Software, a Romanian software development group with 350+ IT consultants, over 250 Agile projects delivered and an expertise of over 15 years in creating successful project teams for customers in the financial sector, computer software and hardware, retail, manufacturing, and many other industries.

About Banca Transilvania: Banca Transilvania is the largest bank in Romania and the main financier of the economy. BT has around 3 million customers, 3 lines of business, over 9,000 people in its teams, state-of-the-art online banking solutions, and 500 offices situated in 180 locations. It is the only Romanian banking brand that has appeared in the Brand Finance Banking 500 (2021) ranking. Apart from banking, Banca Transilvania wishes to have a positive impact in Romania, both for people and for business and the environment.