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Top 5 Emerging Technologies That Will Change the World

Top 5 Emerging Technologies That Will Change the World

Even though we may not exactly be surrounded by flying cars or own personal jetpacks that can fly us to work, and rid us of traffic jams, we do have the technology that can make all of this a reality. In fact, the world is changing right before our eyes, as new technologies emerge, revolutionizing industries and improving our quality of life.   

Autonomous vehicles, robots, bionic eyes, living tissues that are being 3D bioprinted, or clothing made from smart materials that can monitor heart rate, are just some of the applications of cutting-edge technologies that business leaders have already taken interest in; and we have set out to identify the top five emerging technologies that will reshape the future. So, here they are.

  1. Biometrics

Traditional passwords may become a thing of the past, as biometrics are rapidly gaining ground, being implemented in many different areas. With the help of this technology, users no longer have to remember complicated passwords, since they can be easily recognized through biological markers, in the form of their fingerprints, voice or face. And not having to remember complex passwords is not the only benefit that biometrics brings, the latter improves security as well. In this sense, this technology makes it more difficult for hackers to access individuals’ personal information, whose data is more secure.

2. The Internet of autonomous things

Autonomous things, or AuT, is a relatively new term that is used to describe those devices or computers that are capable of performing various tasks, without the help of any human intervention. By means of technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the internet, such devices are able to interact with people or objects, and can carry out multiple activities with increased precision, eliminating human errors. Whether they are autonomous cars, self-navigating drones, or smart home devices, these autonomous things will be entering our lives more and more and will surely change the world permanently.

3. Nanobots

When hearing about emerging technologies, some of the first thoughts that pop out in one’s head are surely related to robots. But the technology that has stolen the spotlight as of late, is that surrounding nanobots. These tiny machines, which do not have a width greater than 100 nanometres, can be programmed to execute a specific assignment, and have proven to be especially useful in medicine. In this area, nanobots are being used to transport drugs more efficiently, directly to the unhealthy cells, and are even capable of manipulating DNA, or helping in surgical procedures. Having said this, it is clear that this technology promises to reshape the future of healthcare and we will certainly be hearing more about it in the years to come.

4. 3D Printing

Moving on to another emerging technology, that will surely be making a difference in the world, and this time one that has already started to transform many different industries, of which we will only be mentioning a few, the food industry, aeronautics, or retail, - 3D printing. The use of 3D printers in the automotive industry, for instance, enables companies to create parts cheaply and contributes to the increased profitability. As a matter of fact, everything from furniture, entire houses, cars or even pills, can be 3D printed, so this technology is set to bring many pleasant surprises in the future. And speaking of the future, we cannot fail to mention that specialists predict that 3D printing will become massively used in dentistry, as well as fraud prevention.

5. Natural Language Processing

As its name suggests, this technology enables computers to understand human language, whether it is a written text or voice data, process large volumes of information, and reply to voice commands. But even though it has been around since the 1950s, natural language processing has yet to reach its full potential. As NLP continues to advance, conversations will be translated in real-time with no effort, interactions with chatbots and virtual assistant will be enhanced, and companies that will implement the technology will be able to identify trends more easily.


Companies that wish to secure their position in the field that they operate in, and retain their clientele, must always think about what their next move should be. And this also includes keeping an eye on emerging technologies that promise to reshape the future. Natural language processing, the internet of autonomous things, nanobots, biometrics, and 3D printing are just some of the technologies that continue to advance, revolutionizing the industries that they manage to enter. So, now that you have discovered what some the hottest technologies are, which one will you be choosing to implement within your company?

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