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The Future Belongs to Intelligent Businesses

The Future Belongs to Intelligent Businesses

Rather than viewing digital transformation as a threat, intelligent businesses are perceiving it as a change which can be indeed challenging, but that also brings major opportunities. Whether it’s the chance to elevate their services and products, to expand, enter new markets, or to achieve and secure a competitive edge, the possibilities that businesses gain access to, thanks to digital transformation, represent their ticket to success. For it is only by embracing digital transformation, that companies would be able to keep up with the dynamic business environment they operate in, and promptly react to the ever-evolving trends dictated by consumers.

But how does an intelligent business actually act, and what measures can other companies take, in order to make sure that they survive and going further, thrive, in such a competitive landscape? Well, it all starts with gathering the team that will be making the transformative process happen.

  • Leaving traditional recruiting strategies behind

Companies that have already undergone digital transformations, have found that traditional recruiting strategies aren’t cutting anymore, and that an upgrade was needed in this area as well. So, rather than turning to the outdated ways, intelligent businesses have broadened their search for superior skillsets, by tapping into larger talent pools, such as those accessible through global freelancing platforms. When it comes to training in-house employees, this process has been given the modernisation it deserves too, as smart businesses have introduced augmented reality and virtual reality-powered tools to enhance their training solutions. Going further, an external helping hand, that comes in the form of a partnership with a specialized company, is also a preferred solution, as such partners can help smart businesses find the innovative talent that they are looking for, which usually implies skills revolving around technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning or data analytics. And speaking of technologies, let’s take a look at some of the advanced tools and disruptive technologies that intelligent businesses are leaning towards these days.

  • Investing in disruptive technologies

Improving performance, optimizing processes, increasing agility, becoming more flexible, and enhancing customer satisfaction are some of smart businesses’ main focuses, and all of these objectives can be reached by investing in the right disruptive technologies. And what would intelligent business be without artificial intelligence? The latter is, of course, part of smart companies’ agenda, and for good reason, as this technology assists businesses in improving customer experience, making better decisions, and preventing fraud, just to name a few of its uses. By analysing significant amounts of data, AI, combined with machine learning, helps companies understand their clients’ behaviour, so that they are able to offer personalized suggestions and offers, features that are much appreciated by consumers. Then there is intelligent automation, that brings together AI and robotic process automation, which united, accelerate the digital transformation process. This technology allows smart businesses to automate a wide variety of complex processes, increase accuracy, and deliver faster results. Moreover, it relieves employees of repetitive, mundane tasks that take up valuable time, which can otherwise be used for more creative, innovative activities.     

  • Generating real-time data insights

Leveraging data is one of secrets of smart businesses, the latter quickly realizing that this is one of the most efficient ways to become more agile. However, transforming data into actionable insights is no easy task, and data analytics tools are needed in order for companies to be able to collect, store, filter, and process large volumes of information. In this context, intelligent businesses have begun to adopt solid data strategies, that enable them to make sense of both structured and unstructured data, collected from various sources. As data is organized and analysed, and insights are being generated, businesses can make better decisions, streamline processes, identify new products or services that they can add to their offering, or distinguish those that need to be removed. Such insights can also assist companies in retaining their clients, and building customer loyalty, as data analytics allow companies to get a clearer picture of consumers’ needs and preferences. Now, as regards real-time analytics, this technology makes use of data as soon as it is produced, helping intelligent businesses to make even faster decisions and respond promptly to time-sensitive issues, such as those revolving around security vulnerabilities.


Companies that wish to secure their position on the market that they carry out their activity in, have no other option than to become more agile, more flexible, more efficient, and, in other words, more intelligent. Updating recruitment strategies, implementing the right disruptive technologies, and leveraging data by turning to data analytics, are some of the solutions that smart businesses have already adopted, with the aim of staying ahead of competitors, and that have proven to be most fruitful.

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