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Surprising Benefits of Staff Augmentation

Surprising Benefits of Staff Augmentation

Businesses struggling with either skill gaps, short deadlines, or just looking for an extra hand with the right expertise to assist them throughout the completion of a more complex project or the launch of a new product, can successfully turn to staff augmentation. This outsourcing strategy is able to address the aforementioned needs of companies of all sizes, with ease, and has become a preferred solution, thanks to the notable benefits that it is able to provide.

But some advantages that staff augmentation offers, might come as a surprise, as the outsourcing model’s perks go beyond its obvious facets, like those surrounding the access to a wider talent pool or the extra time that companies acquiring these services, get to spend on core activities. So, let’s dive right in, and see exactly why the staff augmentation outsourcing model is more than just meets the eye. 

Reduced operational costs

Operational and administrative costs can give companies quite a few headaches, especially since the return of investment is often unsatisfactory. Expenses occasioned by rent, office maintenance, equipment, utility bills, and other infrastructure costs, can pile up, but, luckily, staff augmentation has got businesses covered. In this sense, the vendor handles all the expenses we have referred to earlier, allowing their clients to enjoy the benefit of operational efficiency. Specialists that staff augmentation services providers supply contracting businesses with, will be working remotely or from vendors’ working spaces, and all costs surrounding the hiring process will be taken care of by the supplier. Therefore, one can easily see how operational expenses are significantly reduced.

Boosted innovation capacities

The rapidly-changing business environment, constantly-growing customer expectations, and the speed at which technology is advancing, are factors that compel businesses to at least try to stay ahead of the curve. However, this isn’t an easy task when having little experience or when facing a standstill in terms of ideas, which most companies reach at a point in their digital journey, whilst having the same employee network. So, in order to eliminate such troubles, businesses have adopted the staff augmentation model, which has proven to be a true life-saver when it comes to the need for boosted innovation. An outside perspective, that an experienced eye blesses its clients with, allows the latter to gain a competitive advantage and enjoy new innovative ideas, that will bring hiring companies closer to their objectives.  

Scalability and flexibility

Another surprising benefit of staff augmentation is that which refers to scalability and flexibility. In this regard, companies that choose to implement the staff augmentation model, will have no issue filling up a skill gap that has unexpectedly appeared during a project, and thus, will be able to continue working on tasks, without wasting any time trying to find the required talent. What’s more, contracting businesses can quickly adjust to the shifting demands of customers or trends, by adding or removing team members easily, seeing that their outsourcing partner already has a previously established talent pool. And since scaling your team up and down can be done with such little effort, completing projects on time will never pose a problem.

High-quality at lower rates

When looking to adopt an outsourcing strategy, most companies focus on finding a cost-efficient solution, but, as important as this advantage is, it should not represent a priority. Instead, seeking an approach that entails both high-quality outcomes and, at the same time, affordable rates, should be viewed as a better or even ideal plan. And staff augmentation offers the perfect balance; in this sense, by partnering up with a specialized company that connects its clients with top talent, hiring businesses benefit from collaborating with the best professionals, and all of this while also enjoying lower rates. Contracting parties can thus, avoid the costs that a permanent hire would imply, and take advantage of reduced costs, that do not come bundled up with a compromise on quality, but rather come along with top-tier talent and skills.


Staff augmentation is a strategy that has secured its position among the most popular outsourcing models and the numerous benefits that it brings have helped it reach the level of popularity that it has been enjoying over the last years. But even though one might immediately think about advantages such as the access to a large talent pool or cost efficiency, staff augmentation has even more to offer. Scalability and flexibility, reduced operational costs, boosted innovation capacities, and an excellent balance between quality and price, are some of the perks that may not come to mind at a first glance of the outsourcing model, but that certainly represent a nice surprise.

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