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Software Team Augmentation – The How, The Why and The Where

Software Team Augmentation – The How, The Why and The Where

Software team augmentation services arose from the companies’ needs to be able to effortlessly adapt to changing project requirements and to quickly respond to the evolving trends of the dynamic business environment we see today. In this competitive context, where companies are compelled to be more agile, and where, on top of this, tech talent is increasingly more difficult to find, businesses have realized that turning to IT staff augmentation solutions can be a real life-saver.

So, given its numerous proven benefits, IT staff augmentation has rapidly become one of the most popular type of outsourcing services; but before we elaborate on how this strategy helps companies get closer to their goals, while also addressing various challenges, let’s briefly explain what it entails.

How does software team augmentation work?

As we have already mentioned, software team augmentation represents a type of outsourcing service, that, as its name suggests, allows companies to extend their in-house team with experienced IT specialists. This strategy assists businesses in tackling digital talent shortages, by providing access to a wider labour pool, that offers solutions to any skill gaps contracting parties might be struggling with. Such a hire is temporary, as external help is needed only to complete a specific project, that given their internal resources and capabilities, companies are not able to follow through. In terms of legal framework, software team augmentation services typically imply a time and material type of contract, which offers more flexibility and allows hiring businesses to begin reaping the benefits of such a collaboration, right away.

Why should companies choose software team augmentation solutions?

What sets apart software team augmentation from other staffing models, is increased flexibility, an advantage that is much needed in this current business environment. In this sense, IT staff augmentation enables companies to scale their team up and down, according to their project’s requirements. With software team augmentation, adding tech experts has never been easier and quicker, since businesses mustn’t go through the time-consuming process of recruitment, which can delay project progress.

And speaking of recruitment, we need to draw attention upon another reason for choosing the IT staff augmentation strategy, which revolves around the vendor’s responsibility to find the right specialists, who can match their clients’ demands. The latter will have the opportunity to hand pick the experts themselves, from a selection of excellent candidates, provided by the outsourcing partner. This way, hiring companies will be relieved of the costs and efforts surrounding the entire recruitment process, along with that related to onboarding and training.

However, no matter how good the benefits of software team augmentation that we have just touched upon might sound, there is one perk that seems to be at the heart of companies’ decision to adopt this strategy, and that is the competitive advantage. In this regard, by gaining access to high-performing IT specialists and superior tools and technologies, contracting parties have the chance to keep ahead of the curve, and improve their products and services. Moreover, besides offering higher-quality products that will attract new consumers or solidify the loyalty of those already secured, hiring companies can take advantage of the growth opportunities that come bundled with the solution.

Augment your team with Romanian developers

Once a company has decided that software team augmentation is the strategy that they wish to adopt, the next step they must take is that of choosing their vendor, and the country they will be acquiring such services from respectively. And when it comes to such destinations, Romania is one of the preferred countries by companies of all sizes, that are looking to augment their team with experienced IT specialists.

Romania’s IT talent pool consists of highly skilled experts, and the country’s educational system successfully manages to add to it every year. In this context, 30.000 engineers graduate from the universities and colleges of Romania each year, which are known for their high standards that they carry out their activity in accordance with.

What’s more, Romanian IT specialists are familiar with a wide range of programming languages, among which C#, Java, JavaScript, HTML, and Python are just some of them, so finding even the most difficult to come by skillsets will not be an issue. And it doesn’t stop here; Romanian experts are knowledgeable about new technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud technologies, as well.

As concerns the experience that they have in working with global companies, Romanian IT specialists have the upper hand yet again, as many of them have already collaborated with clients from all over the world. Long-term working relationships hold thus no secrets for Romanian experts, and the lengthy partnerships that the country is known for, stands as witness to this.


In an era where agility, flexibility, and the ability to rapidly respond to changes, are some of the top priorities of any successful company, that also aims to maintain high quality standards when it comes to their services and products, software team augmentation seems to be the strategy that offers it all. From the scalability that it delivers, to the competitive advantage that it provides, IT staff augmentation is a preferred practice in this dynamic business environment. When it comes to the most popular countries that companies are acquiring such services from, Romania stands out as one of the most advantageous destination. With a large talent pool, filled with highly skilled IT experts, that excel in both technical and soft skills, Romania is a force to be reckon with.

Staff Augmentation with TechTalent

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