As a manager or business owner, the time commitment it takes to hire a new employee is overwhelming. A staffing company can help you save time by providing you with a database of experienced, qualified candidates who are ready and available to work.

Hire the right person

Hiring the wrong people has a very big impact on your company. Hiring a new employee is a significant investment of time, effort, and resources. Posting the job, screening the applicants, interviewing and then training them takes a lot of time. To find a valid candidate it can take months and if you have an immediate need to fill in for a certain position or to supplement the needs of an ongoing project, time is not on your side. If you don’t hire the right candidate and have to go through this process again, apart from the consumed resources, frustration appears.

Hire faster

A tech staffing company can help you save time, money and energy. A tech staffing company has a wide network and a database of applicants and can quickly provide you with the candidates that have the skills that match your needs and requirements. A staffing company also screens the candidates, so they match your company’s specifics, policies, practices and environment.

Benefit of flexibility

Not every business needs a full-time or a direct hire employee. Some only need part-time, temporary or project-based hires. A tech staffing company helps businesses paying for employee services that exceed their actual needs. As opposed to costs associated with hiring in addition to paying for employee benefits, vacation time, and sick leaves, staffing will provide your company with the flexibility of paying only for hours worked.

Be covered with a tech staffing company

Due to a larger network, tech staffing companies have access to a wide array of jobs and candidates and they can find your suitable candidate faster than your internal HR department. If you have an unexpected leave, need to cover some extra shifts or are behind with a project, a staffing company can act fast and provide you with a quick solution.

Over the years we have built the insight, the resources, the channels and the access to a rich network of talent. Here, at TechTalent, we are able to provide our clients with the right professionals, having the highest level of expertise, and in a timely manner.

Whether you prefer a full-time staff member, a project-based consultant or a part-time intern, here at TechTalent we’ve got you covered. Every placement we make is carefully considered by our tech staffing team, ensuring each candidate’s profile fully matches the job description and the company’s culture. We pride ourselves with the staffing services that we offer, and we are confident that we are delivering probably the best tech staffing services in Romania and Eastern Europe.