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IT Staffing – The Preferred Choice When It Comes to Team Augmentation

IT Staffing – The Preferred Choice When It Comes to Team Augmentation

It has become increasingly challenging for companies to come across IT specialists that possess the exact skill sets that they are looking for, as talent shortage represents an obstacle that oftentimes is difficult to overcome. Fortunately, however, there are a few strategies available, that companies can choose from, and that can assist them in finding the right IT professionals; and one of these solutions revolves around IT staffing. This strategy has been gaining quite a bit of popularity in the last years among companies operating in various areas, as well as businesses of different levels of maturity and experience, that have been sold on IT staffing and its unique advantages.

So, let’s see why companies prefer IT staffing and why they have been choosing this solution more and more over others. To put it simply, IT staffing typically refers to the process of hiring top IT specialists, with the help of IT staffing services providers. The latter handle all operations surrounding the recruitment and hiring processes, offering access to a vast talent pool that is able to address any needs that businesses might put forward.

Which brings us to one of the main reasons why IT staffing has distinguished itself as the preferred choice when it comes to team augmentation, namely the superior skills that this solution ensures access to. In this regard, by adopting IT staffing solutions, companies can easily match their needs and requirements with IT professionals who will help them successfully complete even the most complex tasks and achieve their objectives in a shorter amount of time. And the excellent expertise is not the only quality that comes bundled with these stellar IT specialists, the latter also bring great innovative ideas to the table, that can assist businesses in upgrading their offering, thus attracting new customers, and strengthening the bond that they have already established with those loyal to the brand.  

Going further, IT staffing is a solution that keeps up with companies’ needs for flexibility and quick scaling, an important advantage seeing how the dynamic business environment in which they operate, calls for such an ability to effortlessly adapt and adjust to changes and evolving trends. Companies that wish to stay ahead of the curve, must therefore be able to add or remove IT specialists in accordance with their project requirements as fast as possible, in order to keep up with their competitors and spark and maintain consumers’ interest. And IT staffing makes all of this possible, as the companies that provide these services already have an established network of talent that allows them to find the right candidates within a very short time.

Apart from reducing recruitment time however, and freeing in-house employees of the efforts surrounding this tedious and time-consuming process, IT staffing service agencies also offer greater control to those who decide to implement this solution. As opposed to other strategies, such as the dedicated teams model or software outsourcing model, that provide little or no control over the delegated projects or hiring process, IT staffing allows businesses to keep a close eye on the team’s progress, and even supervise and intervene in the recruitment process, if they feel it is necessary. This way, companies will be able to closely manage the augmented IT staff, who will recognize the hiring company as their main manager.


When it comes to team augmentation, IT staffing is the preferred solution, as this strategy offers access to excellent talent and experienced IT specialists, who can enhance businesses’ operations. Moreover, when compared to other models, such as software outsourcing or dedicated teams, IT staffing stands out as a solution that provides greater control, allowing hiring companies to monitor the newly formed team’s progress, and supervise the recruitment process. For these reasons, as well as for the flexibility and increased scalability that the solution comes bundled with, IT staffing has grown into a business strategy that companies are drawn to, and that is chosen often over other strategies.  

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