Cluj-Napoca – An Increasingly Popular Destination for Build-Operate-Transfer Services

With statistics attesting to its growing popularity, it is without a doubt that IT outsourcing has become a go-to strategy for companies striving to provide the best services and the most innovative products to their clients. However, as beneficial as this practice may be, IT outsourcing has also given rise to numerous concerns among businesses, […]

With statistics attesting to its growing popularity, it is without a doubt that IT outsourcing has become a go-to strategy for companies striving to provide the best services and the most innovative products to their clients. However, as beneficial as this practice may be, IT outsourcing has also given rise to numerous concerns among businesses, those revolving around security issues, loss of operational control, lower commitment levels, or misaligned organizational culture, being just some of the worries that companies have expressed. And this is precisely why the build-operate-transfer model has been gaining ground, as this revolutionary solution has emerged as an answer to businesses’ aforementioned troubles, managing to successfully help companies steer clear of such challenges.

The BOT model is therefore an alternative to other more traditional IT outsourcing models, that must be given the attention it deserves, as it might be exactly the solution that you have been looking for. To enjoy the build-operate-transfer journey to the fullest however, and make sure that business objectives are being met efficiently, one must give additional thought to the BOT destination. And, in this sense, we have identified the destination for BOT services, that offers all of the benefits that companies would typically look for, and that destination is Cluj-Napoca. But before exploring the reasons behind our suggestion, allows us to dive deeper into the concept of build-operate-transfer.

So, how does the build-operate-transfer model distinguish itself from other IT outsourcing models and why should you consider it?

As we have noted earlier, the build-operate-transfer model is quite different from traditional IT outsourcing methods, offering minimal risks and uncertainties, since responsibility is being shifted to the vendor. In this regard, BOT services providers will ensure that all legal aspects will be taken care of, as they establish the new subsidiary for their clients, and all measures are being taken so that hiring and on-boarding processes go smoothly. Moreover, hiring businesses will also be relieved of training, payroll and HR-related operations, and consequently, of the issues that such processes might entail. And it doesn’t stop here, as vendors will also make sure that software development teams have all the necessary equipment, tools and technologies at their fingertips, in order to perform optimally. Finally, we must also touch upon the cultural alignment that the build-operate-transfer offers, a unique perk that any company is drawn to, and that plays an essential role in the success of a software development project. By turning to BOT services, businesses can rest assured that, upon transfer, their software development team will already be familiar with their ways of working, culture, and objectives, and will be integrating seamlessly.

Why choose Cluj-Napoca as your BOT destination?

When it comes to selecting a BOT destination, companies are usually looking for a location that offers a strong engineering talent pool, high-quality services at affordable rates, is situated in a country with a thriving IT industry and economic stability, and is able to provide the access to cutting-edge technologies and innovative tools. And Cluj-Napoca can successfully provide all of these benefits. Being Romania’s second biggest city and the second most populated, Cluj-Napoca, also named the “Silicon Valley of Romania”, thanks to the dynamism that describes its IT sector, is one of the most important business centers in the country, having developed significantly in the last decade. Furthermore, studies conducted by Eurostat have shown that Cluj-Napoca has had one of the fastest growing economies in Europe, ranking third in terms of GDP growth rate in the EU, in 2022, and having increased its GDP 4.5 times from 2000 until 2019.

When it comes to Cluj-Napoca’s ability to provide innovative IT services and products, this city has been consolidating its position as a top destination for those seeking to delegate their software development projects to a specialized vendor from another country, and even more so, for those aiming to open a subsidiary abroad. Businesses wishing to expand their operational capabilities and conquer new markets, can therefore turn to Cluj-Napoca when trying to find a suitable BOT partner, as build-operate-transfer services providers located in this city, have extensive experience in working with international companies of various sizes and operating in different industries.

And speaking of Cluj-Napoca’s software development companies, we must also remark that this city is the second largest city in Romania, after Bucharest, in terms of the number of software companies, being home to numerous, diverse such organizations, ranging from promising start-ups to large, experienced IT services providers, that have the necessary expertise in order to cater to the most pretentious client. Many important global players have already chosen Cluj-Napoca as the location for their R&D centers, having decided to open new software development centers here, due to the many advantages that the city is able to offer. Major investors from Germany, United Kingdom, USA, Finland or Netherlands have also made an impact of Cluj-Napoca’s ITC scene, and this city seems to continue to attract foreign investors.

Cluj-Napoca's appeal as a BOT destination is further enhanced by its robust technological infrastructure and a supportive business ecosystem. The city boasts advanced telecommunications networks, high-speed internet connectivity, and modern office spaces, making it an ideal environment for tech companies to flourish. Furthermore, Cluj-Napoca is characterized by a collaborative atmosphere where innovation is highly valued. This is evident in the numerous tech meetups, conferences, and workshops that regularly take place, fostering a community of continuous learning and knowledge sharing.

The city's strategic location in Europe also plays a crucial role in its attractiveness for BOT operations. Situated at the crossroads of major European trade routes, Cluj-Napoca offers easy access to other important markets, both within and outside the European Union. This geographic advantage is complemented by a multilingual workforce, with a high proficiency in English and other European languages, which is crucial for seamless international collaboration.

Moreover, the local government's commitment to supporting the IT sector through favourable policies and incentives has been instrumental in fostering a conducive environment for business growth. These policies include tax breaks, grants for research and development activities, and streamlined procedures for setting up new businesses. Such measures have not only attracted foreign investors, but also encouraged the growth of a vibrant startup ecosystem, further diversifying the IT landscape of the city.

Last, but certainly not least, we must bring attention to the fact that Cluj-Napoca is one of Romania’s most important educational centers, being acknowledged as a true academic research and development center for science, technology, engineering and mathematics disciplines as well. The city’s 11 universities, of which we must mention the Babes-Bolyai University, that hosts 50.000 students, and the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, with 7 technology departments and over 20.000 that study here annually, are famed for their high academic standards, delivering over 1700 software graduates per year. The vast tech talent pool that Cluj-Napoca is thus able to offer, manages to address companies’ every needs, and the willingness of IT specialists to keep improving their skills, only reinforce Cluj-Napoca’s ability to provide exceptional IT professionals.


Cluj-Napoca represents a confluence of talent, technology, and favorable business conditions. Its rise as a preferred destination for BOT activities is a testament to the city's ability to provide a comprehensive solution for companies looking to outsource their IT operations while maintaining control and quality. With its combination of skilled workforce, advanced infrastructure, strategic location, and supportive business environment, Cluj-Napoca stands out as a prime choice for companies seeking to leverage the BOT model for their IT needs.

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