We are looking for a Technical Product Owner who's passionate about heading one of our PaaS development teams in order to provide excellent products, service and support.
Relocation package
Job rotation
Learning through Arnia Academy
Flexibile working hours
Performance bonuses
Attractive projects
Medical benefits
Competitive compensation package
Referral program
International work experience

You will work closely with the development team that operates in a Cloud environment. The customers expect API first self-service, immediate delivery and complete automation. Thus, our weapons of choice are GoLang, GitOps and CI/CD – not root shells and bash scripts.


  • Agile mindset and extensive experience with modern development practices
  • Experience managing, coaching and mentoring software engineers
  • Experience with cloud technologies and distributed systems
  • Domain specific knowledge of Cloud
  • Solid hands-on experience with network operations including complex HA setups
  • Experience in shipping products and coordinating releases with relevant players
  • Experience developing cross-disciplinary collaboration between engineering, operations, support and product teams
  • Experience with end-to-end quality best practices and their implementation
  • Experience conveying complex ideas in written, verbal and presentational formats
  • Working knowledge of Kubernetes Operators and GoLang


  • Assisting recruiting, managing and maintaining an excellent engineering team
  • Planning and executing complex technical projects related to PaaS offerings
  • Collaboration with technical leads
  • Contribute to the overall architecture, design and development of PaaS projects
  • Managing software project schedules
  • Maintaining and improving team performance and quality of life
  • Developing processes to improve product performance and quality
  • Ensuring successful product and feature rollouts, as well as reliable operations
  • Nurturing a healthy team culture and transparent communication
  • Providing technical coaching and counseling via mentoring and one-to-one meetings

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