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Blockchain – The Emerging Technology That is Changing Industries

Major industries such as healthcare, finance or transportation, have undergone important changes in the last couple of decades, since emerging technologies have entered the scene. And one of these new technologies, that have revolutionized all the fields that it has entered, is blockchain. The latter has, of course, gained its popularity mostly because of its […]

How Does Hyperautomation Work and Why Do You Need it?

The hype is real when it comes to hyperautomation, and most of the tops for upcoming trends, which are predicted to revolutionize industries and enhance our lives, have already included the concept on the list. Naturally, specialists too have shown a growing interest towards hyperautomation, given its huge potential, many even expecting for it to […]

Tips on How to Enhance IoT and Cloud Security

The internet of things, an emerging technology that has started gaining popularity in the early 2010s, has seen a rapid development in the past decade, making its way successfully in important fields and industries, that have believed in its potential. At the same time, businesses have too introduced this technology throughout their processes, leveraging it […]

Dedicated Team vs. Extended Team

The dedicated team and extended team models: two of the most popular solutions that companies of all sizes turn to, in times of need. But what makes them so preferable? Both concepts provide exceptional benefits and can turn things around for businesses that have come to a standstill, for whatever reason. So what’s not to […]

Tips for Onboarding Remote Developers Successfully

Hiring remote developers has become a common practice for quite a while, considering that experts who reside within the country where the company in need operates, are increasingly challenging to find. In this sense, the rapid development of technology has placed businesses in a position where they come across skill gaps-related issues more and more […]

The Importance of Building a Diverse Team of Developers

“The greater the diversity, the greater the perfection” (Thomas Berry) – this quote perfectly describes the importance of diversity and how the latter can only bring beneficial effects in any area that it is included in. With this in mind, companies have begun to acknowledge the value of diversity, and have taken the necessary steps […]

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