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TechTalent, a new technology partner for Banca Transilvania

TechTalent Software and Banca Transilvania announce the launch of a partnership, that will incorporate TechTalent’s services into BT’s major banking projects and applications. The seniority level, the advanced technical knowledge, along with the vast experience of TechTalent’s IT consultants in global financial projects, recommend the company to support the development of BT’s banking ...

The Staff Augmentation Model

The staff augmentation model places itself among the most widespread and the most frequently applied outsourcing strategies out there. And for good reason. This type of business model is extremely convenient for companies of all sizes, that are looking either to grow, fill existing skill gaps, or successfully complete more complex tasks and projects. But […]

All You Need to Know About Tech Staffing

In a world where tech talent is increasingly difficult to find, companies that wish to create perfect teams, have got their work cut out for them. Training in-house employees is costly and with technology evolving at such a fast pace, it is nearly impossible to have all internal specialists aligned with the latest trends. Recruiting […]

Build-Operate-Transfer – Not Your Average Outsourcing Strategy

The build-operate-transfer model is an alternative to the traditional method of outsourcing, that has won over many companies and continues to be one of the most sought-after solutions for businesses of all sizes. An accelerated time-to-market, minimal risks, cost-effectiveness, and absolute control are some of the main benefits that those who choose this service get […]

Why Use Staffing?

Staffing can prove to be very helpful to your company if you do not want or do not have the resources to go through the process of hiring and retaining part time or full time employees: save time, save money, save energy, waste reduction, headcount reduction. Over the years we built the insight, the resources, the channels and the access to a rich network of talent.

Save Money

Finding and keeping quality talent in today’s world is more challenging than ever and personnel costs are by far one of the biggest expenses for businesses. A good option is to choose a staffing company and let them do the job for you. Staffing companies can help meet the changing needs of your business, whether you prefer a full-time staff member, a project-based consultant or a part-time intern.

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