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Decision Making – Easier with Technology

Technology has revolutionized industries, enhanced our day to day life, and transformed business processes and the way companies interact with their clients, so it was only natural that technology would influence the way businesses make decisions as well. In this context, by leveraging technologies, companies have been able to take their decision-making process to the […]

What Is Cloud-Based Digital Banking and Why You Should Choose It

Banks and financial institutions have begun to migrate more and more to the cloud over the past few years, as the financial world has had to find fresh solutions to today’s industry challenges. In this regard, cloud computing technologies have proven to be true game-changers, and an important part of the recipe for success, which […]

IT Staffing – The Preferred Choice When It Comes to Team Augmentation

It has become increasingly challenging for companies to come across IT specialists that possess the exact skill sets that they are looking for, as talent shortage represents an obstacle that oftentimes is difficult to overcome. Fortunately, however, there are a few strategies available, that companies can choose from, and that can assist them in finding […]

TechTalent Software and SITA Partner to Open a Research and Development Center in Cluj-Napoca

The new office will see more than 60 employees in place by end of 2023 CLUJ-NAPOCA – 13 December 2022 – SITA and TechTalent Software have announced a strategic partnership to launch a Research and Development center in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The new center will support SITA’s focus on accelerating the development of new passenger processing and […]

How Artificial Intelligence Is Reshaping the Gaming Sector

The power held by artificial intelligence to revolutionize any industry and field that it makes its way into, has made this technology one of the most intriguing, raising the eyebrows of both companies just starting their journey and of those that are already familiar with the business landscape. And companies carrying out their activity in […]

The Future Belongs to Intelligent Businesses

Rather than viewing digital transformation as a threat, intelligent businesses are perceiving it as a change which can be indeed challenging, but that also brings major opportunities. Whether it’s the chance to elevate their services and products, to expand, enter new markets, or to achieve and secure a competitive edge, the possibilities that businesses gain […]

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