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How to Drive Digital Transformation with Staff Augmentation

From the moment companies decide to take it seriously, and not just set this process in motion because of outside pressure, digital transformation becomes a complex journey, that needs constant attention and care. Digital transformation does not imply a fixed number of steps and cannot be reduced to a few instructions; on the contrary, it […]

Which One Is Better: Custom Software or Ready-made?

Every company is different, in the sense that each business has its own particular requirements, needs, and objectives, so naturally, one would tend to believe that custom software is the best choice when it comes to deciding between bespoke and ready-made solutions. However, as we will see below, both custom and off the shelf software, […]

The Extended Team Model: How to Make It Work

When faced with challenges that present themselves in the form of skill gaps or insufficiently experienced in-house employees, companies often turn to the extended team model. The latter comes in handy especially for businesses that wish to maintain full control over their teams while, at the same time, acquiring talent and building a long-term collaboration. […]

The Importance of Agile in Software Development

Agile in software development is a collection of methods or methodology which ensure agility and fast adaptability throughout a project. It involves splitting the software development project into multiple iterations or sprints, and delivering a working product at the end of each one of these iterations. One sprint can last from a few weeks to […]

How Do IT Staffing Companies Help Your Business Grow

Given the competitiveness which nowadays is characteristic to all important industries, and that has every company planning their next move very carefully, businesses are constantly looking for ways to achieve and sustain growth. And this is where IT staffing companies come in. This type of companies, along with the services that they offer, have proven […]

Common Questions About Staff Augmentation – Part II

Companies that are interested in acquiring staff augmentation services, have wondered about the way that the strategy works, what are its benefits and risks, or how will it help them close in on/ advance toward their objectives, but there is more to it than meets the eye. Once they have received answers to these basic […]

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