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Why Choose Bucharest as Your Ultimate Destination for a Successful BOT Journey

Expanding capabilities and establishing a strong presence in another country, represent challenging goals for any company that wishes to experience growth without compromising on quality or facing exposure to the inherent uncertainties of expansion. To therefore succeed in achieving these ambitious objectives, businesses have begun turning to a different business model, namely, to ...

Choosing The Right Partner for a Build Operate Transfer Project

Traditional IT outsourcing models such as the dedicated development team model or the staff augmentation model, have gained tremendous popularity over the last few years, however, lately, there has been one business engagement model that has attracted the attention of more and more companies, and that is the Build Operate Transfer model. This innovative approach […]

The Role of Agile in Software Development Projects

The Agile methodology has gained widespread popularity among businesses of all sizes due to its ability to enhance customer satisfaction through the delivery of high-quality software products in a timely and efficient manner. This iterative approach to software development addresses the growing challenges of meeting customer needs and expectations. In contrast to the traditional waterfall […]

The Impact of Effective IT Staffing on Business Success

Today’s business landscape, that is marked by the rapid development of tools and technologies and consumers’ growing demands for superior customer experiences and top-notch products and services, poses great challenges for both startups and companies that have already become familiar with the market. In this difficult context, in order to reach their goals and take […]

Is Hyperautomation Worth the Hype?

Since it was coined in a report in 2019 by Gartner, an American IT research and advisory firm, the term “hyperautomation” has managed to make the headlines quite often, as the concept has distinguished itself as one of the top strategic technology trends of the last few years. Bringing together advanced technologies such as artificial […]

Decision Making – Easier with Technology

Technology has revolutionized industries, enhanced our day to day life, and transformed business processes and the way companies interact with their clients, so it was only natural that technology would influence the way businesses make decisions as well. In this context, by leveraging technologies, companies have been able to take their decision-making process to the […]

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