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Software Team Augmentation – The How, The Why and The Where

Software team augmentation services arose from the companies’ needs to be able to effortlessly adapt to changing project requirements and to quickly respond to the evolving trends of the dynamic business environment we see today. In this competitive context, where companies are compelled to be more agile, and where, on top of this, tech talent […]

Technology Adoption Challenges and How to Handle Them Successfully

Digitalization and technology adoption are complex processes, which can bring companies, that are not prepared for digital change, to their knees. Figuring out which technologies and tools best suit your business’ needs, how to build and develop them, and going further, implement them, are difficult tasks, and those who have ventured out into this digital […]

How a Global Talent Pool Benefits Businesses

Hiring locally is often a time-consuming process, that not only ends up involving higher costs than companies would ideally like to allocate for such a task, but also turns out to promote an inflexible workplace culture. Moreover, when businesses decide to resort to their local talent pool, they will most likely be faced with difficulties […]

Virtual Reality’s Applications Expand Beyond Gaming

When one thinks about virtual reality, gaming is usually what immediately also comes to mind, as the technology is often associated with its applications in the video game industry. The latter has benefited greatly from the integration of virtual reality, that has brought significant changes into the realm, but is not the only field that […]

Best Practices of Staff Augmentation

It’s the ever-growing demands of consumers, along with the rapid technological change which describes the current business environment, that have determined companies to strive for innovation and to continuously seek to improve their products and services. But such missions often require an extra hand, that would be typically addressing skill gaps, or temporarily contributing to […]

Getting Started with BOT

One of the top objectives that is included in many companies’ agenda, is that which refers to the expansion of business operations abroad; and striving to reach this goal often involves adopting strategies that entail outsourcing partnerships. Of the latter, the build-operate-transfer model seems to have captured the headlines in the last few years, as […]

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